An encouraging word for you today in your business dealings: Walk in integrity.

As entrepreneurs, we are in the position to make choices – good ones and bad ones. Making the right ones is not always easy, especially when they affect our bottom line.

I have a friend who owns a printing company. She recently was offered a six-figure contract to print materials for several local strip clubs. She turned it down. She knew that God would not be honored by her participation in promoting such businesses. Having come out of the sex industry herself, she knows first-hand how perverse that world is, and she refused to profit from it.

Doing the right because it’s the right thing is evidence of a heart that fully trusts God to be our provision in all things. Besides, walking in integrity has its perks. The psalmist wrote:

“Because of my integrity You uphold me and set me in Your presence forever.”
(Psalm 41:12)

I don’t know about you, but being set in the presence of the Most High forever sounds like a pretty darn good benefit.