Tuesday Tip: Clear the Clutter

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

A cluttered workspace can be distracting and have a significant impact on how you approach your day and your work.

Take a few minutes to tidy up your work area by cleaning off the top of your desk (and wiping it clean), putting things in their proper place (files, drawers, stackable trays, sorting bins) and getting rid of things you don’t really need.

Transfer all those sticky note memos to a notebook you can keep handy or a computer-based notes system. Stack magazines, newsletters, files and other items that must remain on your desk in neat piles along the perimeter of your desk, freeing up the space closest to you. Empty the trash and recycle bins and shred what needs to be shredded.

It only takes a few minutes to give your workspace (and your attitude) a mini-makeover that can make you feel more creative and productive. Enjoy your day!

Employee Handbook as a Contract

employee handbook

From a legal perspective, requiring that new employees sign a form saying they have received a copy of the handbook can prevent later claims of ignorance of company policies.

Increasingly, however, courts and juries are interpreting the employee handbook as a binding contract between employer and employee, and this interpretation places a responsibility on the company to deliver on any promises set forth in its handbook.

Thus, the degree to which the handbook spells out the company’s policies and procedures clearly and thoroughly may determine the company’s liability, or lack thereof, in resolving any employment disputes.


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