Profile of an Entrepreneur

Small business is the backbone of our economy, and entrepreneurs are the ones who make it happen. We are the visionaries – the ones who dare to dream and believe that our dreams can become a reality.  We see the deficiencies in the current situation and we envision a better product, a better service, a better way.

We crave the freedom to create new enterprises and experiences, and we long to throw off the shackles of agendas, guidelines and schedules handed to us by someone else.

We are the business equivalent of a mom, wearing many hats and doing whatever needs to be done so that our business succeeds. We are CEO, CFO, COO, receptionist, marketing executive, bookkeeper, IT department, human resources manager, compliance department and mailroom clerk all rolled into one. We do the billing,  answer the phones, make executive decisions, shop for office supplies and take out the trash – in addition to generating whatever product or service we went into business to provide in the first place.

We carry a passion in our hearts and wake up in the middle of the night with ideas and solutions to whatever problem we didn’t have the time or energy to resolve during the day. 

We are the Dreamer/Doers – the ones who envision something new and are just crazy enough to think we can pull it off. And then we do.

So here’s to all the entrepreneurs out there – past, present and future. Here’s to all the sleepless nights, the business ideas scribbled on napkins, and the “Aha” moments when, “I could do that” became “I will do that, and here’s how.” Keep dreaming. Keep moving. Keep making it happen. Learn from each other and cheer one another on. Lean on each other and hold each other up. We need each other. And the world needs us. They need us to remind them that there is still such a thing as the American dream, and that with passion, hard work, and determination, that dream can and will continue to come true for more and more of us.  

Let’s do this thing!